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Quiz Yourself: Which Pet Should I Get?
Published By marisol2 on 2012-06-22 176 Views

Thinking of getting a pet? Or simply wondering which animal would fit your lifestyle and personality best? Then this quiz is for you! Just answer the 3 questions about each animal, then add up the total points you get. Have fun!

1. Do you have time for daily walks, or the opportunity to send your dog outside?
(Both: 2 points; One or the other: 1 point; No: 0 points)

2. Are you willing to go to dog training school if you get a puppy?
(Yes: 2 points; Only if he doesn’t behave: 1 point; Not at all: 0 points)

3. Are you willing to pay for food, medical bills, etc. for your dog?
(Yes of course: 2 points; To a certain extent: 1 point; No I can’t afford it: 0 points)

1. Do you have the opportunity to let your cat go outside?
(Yes: 2 points; No but we have a large apartment: 1 point; No and we have a small apartment: 0 points)

2. Are you willing to pay for food, medical bills, etc. for your cat?
(Yes of course: 2 points; To a certain extent: 1 point; No I can’t afford it: 0 points)

3. Can you take care of your cat for at least the next 12 years?
(I’m almost sure I can: 2 points; Maybe I can: 1 point; I don’t think I can: 0 points)

1. Are you willing to clean the bird’s cage regularly?
(Yes: 2 points; Maybe: 1 point; No: 0 points)

2. Do you have enough space for a big aviary, maybe even with an outside part for some time in the year?
(I have loads of space: 2 points; I have some space: 1 point; I have little space: 0 points)

3. Are you willing to provide some out-of-cage time for your birds?
(Yes I am: 2 points; Once in a while: 1 point; No: 0 points)

1. Are you interested in learning about different kinds of fish and their needs?
(Definitely: 2 points; Reasonably: 1 point; Not really: 0 points)

2. Can you take the time to create a nice, natural habitat for your fish, in a large tank?
(Yes: 2 points; Maybe: 1 point; No: 0 points)

3. Will you change ¼ of the water in the tank every week or fortnight?
(Yes: 2 points; If I think of it: 1 point; No: 0 points)

1. Can you house a pair or a group?
(Yes: 2 points; Only a pair: 1 point; No, I want one only: 0 points)

2. Rabbits breed very fast. What will you do with the young?
(My rabbits will be sterilized: 2 points; Sell/give them away: 1 point; Kill/ don’t know: 0 points)

3. Can you handle a biting, scratching rabbit?
I know what to do: 2 points; I’ll learn what to do later on: 1 point; Oh no, I’m scared: 0 points)

5-6 points: This would make a great pet for you!
3-4 points: You should look into it, this could be a pet for you.
0-2 points: Probably this isn’t the pet for you.

Make sure to leave a comment behind with your answers, and don’t forget to visit my article on looking after cats, http://expertscolumn.com/content/should-i-get-cat-what-it-takes-look-after-cats-responsibly, if you scored highly in that section.

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